A mentoring lesson I wont forget – Leadership

lawrence giordano
4 min readSep 7, 2023
Photo by Natalie Pedigo on Unsplash

Taking a little break from my more technical articles to reflect, I have been ruminating about my past, the career decisions I have taken and all the support I have received.

I have always valued mentorship throughout my career, in all forms be that traditional 1–2–1 mentoring or group sessions and even reverse mentoring, the value is undeniable and for me the lessons are invaluable. I wanted to reflect on some some in particular leadership


What does that word mean to you? what picture comes to mind? is it historical figures or smart business leaders in pin sharp suits, its different for us all and leadership or what we think good leadership means.

In my earlier career I was laser focused on being a leader, although I had a small team I wanted to be the best leader I could be, I consumed books, blogs and articles but the most valuable development was from my mentor.

Lesson 1 — Whats leadership means to you:

In one of our session he challenged me to think about the qualities of a leader, for transparency here is the list I used all those years ago (thanks google docs!)


  • Fair – Fairness in how they operate, limited personal bias
  • Be yourself / Congruence – Ability to remain consistent to self beliefs and values.


  • Vision – Clear vision for self and team, ability to look forward.
  • Passion – Has passion for what you do, almost an infectious positivity
  • Strategy & tactics – Ability to shape a strategy utilising tactics to deliver.


  • Communication styles – Adaptable in communication style to situation
  • Narratives – Create narratives to drive key messaging and its importance
  • Listening skills – Ability to listen and take feedback and shape development based on feedback.
  • Empathy – Approach situations with empathy both for self, team and organisation


  • Self confident – Confidence in own ability…